Our Team

bowling group

It takes a lot of good people to make our soap. Every one of us plays an important part.

We’re all experts in our own right. We’re all essential.

We need everyone. We depend on each other.

Not much extra fluff, just like our formulas.

I’m proud and appreciative to be a part of our team.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

Photo credit: Meredith Soden
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Plain and Simple

non-GMO stickersI was asked recently to communicate my view of the difference between non-GMO and GMO free.

The way I see it is that Non-GMO plants are as nature intended. No one has messed with anything – unless you count the process of millennia-long evolution.

GMO free means that the organism, plant or ingredient doesn’t test positive for GMO. This is about outsmarting the testing process. It’s some weird sort of ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card for people who think that GMO items that don’t test positive for GMO aren’t GMO.

For us it’s plain and simple, we support non-GMO.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO


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What Time is It?

a drawing of a clockI often travel overseas.

I generally leave my cell phone in my hotel room, given the roaming charges.

I like not being connected. It gives me permission to get lost. To do my own roaming.

And I still need to know what time it is.

Which reminds me of the old joke. What time is it? Time to get a watch. A mechanical one.

My hope is that I’ll leave my phone at home more often.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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ice age IMG_0631We embrace extremes – we exercise then we rest, we eat french fries then a kale salad, we live in the city and rush out to go camping…

Opposites attract, and balance each other.

In the business world today, we seem to be dominated by the qualities I associate with men: survival of the fittest, analytics, bigger is better.

We need balance, which today means more of the qualities I associate with women – compassion, community, nurturing.

The balance these traits bring us could take us out of the ice age.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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Brad's parentsIt seems to me that we used to respect our elders more than we do now.

Wisdom. Grace. The experience of mistakes. I know, that sounds like something an old guy would say. And it’s true.

In a culture that’s lacking in direction, we seem to turn away from teaching once we hit our ‘adulthood. Maybe there is a connection.

Teachers are around. They are not always obvious. They tend to be behind us – ready to catch us, if we choose. Allowing us to live our lives.

Not in front, as so many other things are.

The honor we show them is repaid in our wisdom, our grace and in the navigation of our mistakes.

Ask a question to someone older than you, someone whose wisdom you respect. Chances are you’ll get some information you didn’t know you needed.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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I’m often alabel with non-gmosked why we support the non-GMO movement. There is a complicated answer, and a simple one.

GMOs (genetically modified organisms) combine the DNA from different species (such as insects, humans, germs or viruses) with plant seeds or animal embryos with the goal of creating a specialized plant or animal. For instance, a corn plant that would survive a drought or pesticides.

My complicated, long winded answer involves scientific data. Data that supports my belief that GMOs cause excessive harm to people and the planet. There is much information on the internet for both sides. Most of it is very confusing and complicated.

I prefer my simple answer – GMO just does not feel right. No long winded reason needed. Animals, plants and seeds aren’t broken, so there is no need to ‘fix’ them. Period.

I think it’s the greed of business and lack of government support of the people/planet that needs to be fixed.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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Thanks for nothing.

cloudsI work 5 days a week at EO. I’m renovating my own house. I have two kids.

I travel, exercise and socialize. I do my own laundry.

And, I am very appreciative of ‘none of the above.’

I’m grateful for nothing.



-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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Love PeopleI saw this saying in a store the other day “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know yet”.

One of the reasons for this blog is to let you in to my head and my heart. To share the things we may have in common.

It’s a dialog. And feedback is important and necessary.

Communication and community share a Latin root, it means common.

This is an open invitation to share your perspective. To voice your thoughts.

I want to hear about your life, your experiences.

This is a good place to see what else we have in common.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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The Sweet Life

The Sweet LifePeople tend to think of their lives in compartments: work life, personal life, family time, community and a spiritual path.

It’s not uncommon to hear someone refer to a behavior or habit as existing in one part of their life. “Oh, I don’t feel that way personally, it’s just something I do for work.”

Visually, life would look like a pie. Each slice is a compartmentalized part of a person’s life. People spend their time and energy travelling around the crust from life to life.

I’ve found that it’s ideal to live in the center, the place where all aspects of my life are intertwined. It’s simpler there and I’m more satisfied.

The center of the pie….that’s where the sweet stuff is.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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Crash and Burn

Flower P6178518In 1929 our country experienced a stock market crash that lead to great changes in the way Americans went to work.

With the advent of industrialization, there was more work available in the cities than in the rural communities. So, when the depression hit many people went to the cities to find work.

This has become common practice over the years. People no longer work/serve the communities they live in. And there is a disconnect.

Business serves as a money source and not as a service to community.

We’re not in the great depression. It’s time for people to get back to the communities they are a part of. To do their good work in the places they live.

-Posted by Brad Black, EO’s co-founder and co-CEO

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